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Established in 2001, BIOAGE Skincare, a company present in 15 countries, is renowned for its quality and exclusivity in face and body dermocosmetics. Aiming to offer excellence with its products and treatments, BIOAGE continuously invests in innovation and technology, with a research and developments from the best known laboratories in the world!

Fundada em 2001, a BIOAGE Skincare, empresa presente em 15 países, é reconhecida pela qualidade e exclusividade em dermocosméticos para rosto e corpo. Visando oferecer excelência com seus produtos e tratamentos, a BIOAGE investe continuamente em inovação e tecnologia, com pesquisas e desenvolvimentos nos mais renomados laboratórios do mundo!



We are Majestic Day Spa and our only mission is to treat every client we meet like royalty! Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves, so we pride ourselves in helping others build up their self confidence by treating their insecurities. We also currently partner with two brands from Brazil to provide local estheticians quality products when they need it! Don't be afraid to give us a call to ask 

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Bel Col Cosmetics specializes in the development, production and marketing of highly technological and effective products for the skin care of the face and body. Made in 1993 with the launch of four different collagen fluids, an ingredient that is an integral part of their own name, Bel from "Beleza" (Meaning Beauty in portuguese) and Col from collagen.

A Bel Col Cosmetics e especializada no desenvolvimento, produção e comercialização de produtos altamente tecnológicos e eficazes para o cuidado da pele do rosto e do corpo. Fundada em 1993 com o lançamento de quatro diferentes fluidos de colágeno, ingrediente que faz parte do seu nome, Bel de "Beleza" e Col de colágeno.