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The illuminating and remineralizing properties of Pérola Negra make the Whitening IN Bel Col mask ideal to associate with in-cabin whitening procedures. It is enriched with Charcoal – activated charcoal of vegetal origin, derived from bamboo, which, through its porosity, eliminates the toxins responsible for the darkening of the skin, leaving it clearer, illuminated and uniform. The Whitening IN mask also has the rich action of Collagen associated with Pracaxi Oil and Emollient Agents, which provide hydration and a pleasant touch to the skin.


SKU: P0222
  • Apply an amount of mask to the cleansed skin that covers the entire surface, let it act for 6 to 10 minutes and start the ‘‘Spider Web’’ massage technique. Perform the massage technique for 10 minutes or until the mask comes off the skin. Remove excess with cotton dampened in water.

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