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Bel Col follows the trends in the aesthetics market and moves to meet new needs, always maintaining the quality, safety and effectiveness of the products in the professional and home care catalog. Available for use with all techniques and meeting the specific biosafety requirements and physical-chemical aspects of microneedling products, it features Bio C, Vitamin C Fluid. Developed with stabilized vitamin C, the Bio C fluid has high antioxidant capacity, which acts by inhibiting the cascade of free radicals in the skin, whitening action, providing an illuminated and uniform appearance, and also helps in stimulating collagen synthesis, bringing a rejuvenating effect to the skin. IDEAL FOR MICRONEEDING. NOT INJECTABLE


SKU: P0325
  • Apply on the skin according to the type of electrotherapeutic resources, microneedle procedures or non-invasive mesotherapy. Important: Only perform procedures authorized by your professional class.

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