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Discover our body duet Slim Fit Before and After, the kit that will accompany you in your exercise routine. They are an indispensable duo in the fight against localized fat and cellulite with firming action.


Slim Fit Before is a gel indicated for use before physical activity, whether in the gym, outdoors or sports. Its action is derived from traditional and indispensable active principles in the fight against localized fat and cellulite. Slim Fit Before's mechanism of action has Methyl Nicotinate and lipolytic actives such as Ginger, Capsicum Extract, Zedoaria and Juá. Slim Fit After is an ideal cream for application after exercise and after bathing, with its complementary action to Slim Fit Before, it closes the Slim Fit treatment cycle with a firming action, reducing the chance of sagging after reducing measurements . In addition, it keeps the skin with a pleasant texture and mega hydrated.


SKU: P0213
  • Apply a small portion to the desired area 10 minutes before physical exercise, gently massage until completely absorbed. After physical activity and bathing, apply Slim Fit After.

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