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Lips are essential for building facial harmony. They are the frame of the smile. Often the lips are the focus of eyes, especially when, without realizing it, we perform lip reading.

The lips are affected by external factors such as the climate, air humidity, type of diet, but they are also affected by internal factors such as the frequency with which a person hydrates, the intensity of stress he experiences or whether he have pathologies related to the lips. Taking care of the lips is taking care of health, image, self-esteem. It's feeling good! To meet the market demand, Bel Col has developed a complete line of topical lip treatment: Bel Col Lips Line.


The Bel Col Lips Line comprises four products, which should preferably be used in sequence. The line has Professional products and Home Care products. Developed with different actives and technologies, the Lips Line provides multiple benefits:


• Cell renewal;

• Deep hydration;

• Lip rejuvenation;

• Tissue nutrition;

• Softness and shine;

• Elasticity and luminosity;

• Reduction of lines;

• Lip volumization.


This kit contains:


• ExfoPeeling LIPS – lip scrub – 30 g

• MicroSerum LIPS – serum for microneedling – 10 ml

• HidraPlast LIPS – collagen and hyaluronic acid mask 30 g

• HidraGloss LIPS – lip plumper


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