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Fully restored skin is a skin with volume, firmness and elasticity, isn't it? With that in mind, Bel Col has developed a professional kit with five sophisticated products for treatment:


.Liquid soap Exfoliating

.Gel Mineralized Toning

.Gel antiage serum

.Sealant Antiage

.Gel Mask


The line presents a fundamental protocol in three essential modules: Skin Preparation, Physiological Hydration and Time Shield Stage, capable of presenting visible results from the first application. Box offers a complete treatment that is able to reach all layers of the skin, providing deep hydration with a volumizing effect and restoring skin density.




    1. Hyaluderm Sanitization: Apply a portion of the Hyaluderm Liquid Soap all over the face. Make circular movements and remove with the help of cotton dampened in water. Hint: Replace normal water with Dermatological Water.

    2. Hyaluderm Exfoliation: Apply a portion (1g approx.) of the Hyaluderm Exfoliating Gel and spread it all over the face. Let it dry for approximately 5 minutes and then start making upward movements rubbing the skin until the granules are completely detached along with the dead cells.


    3. Mineralized Toning Gel: Moisten the cotton with the Hyaluderm Mineralized Toning Gel and make sliding movements with the cotton all over the face, preparing the skin and removing all residues from the previous product. It is not necessary to remove the product.

    4. Antiage Serum with 8 Types of HA: Apply approximately five drops of Serum Antiage Hialuderme on the skin and spread with your fingertips promoting circular and drumming movements until the product is completely absorbed, or use your available electrotherapy equipment.


    5. Sealing: Apply a thin layer of the Hyaluderm Antiage Gel Mask on the skin (approximately 1.5 g), perform a lifting or lymphatic drainage massage and leave the mask to rest for 15 minutes. If it gets too much, remove it with a tissue.

    6. Photoprotection: If necessary, apply Solectiv SPF 30 sunscreen to complete the protocol or any other sunscreen preferred by the client. (Toner, powder, etc.)


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