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With functional ingredients and plant derivatives, highly compatible with the physiology of the skin, the Vegan Hydration and Detox Facial Scrub was developed with the aim of promoting high-performance exfoliation, stimulating cell proliferation. It guarantees cell renewal and balance of the hydrolipidic mantle, without harming the epidermis, with a pH compatible with that of the skin. Cleaning, Exfoliation, Elimination of Toxins, Hydration and protection, through the essential oils of Lavender, Geranium, Palmarosa, Ylang-ylang, Petitgrain and Sweet Orange, which act in cell recovery, which makes the skin recover more fast and efficient.

Esfoliante Facial Hidratação & Detox - 100ml

  • Place a small portion of the Vegan Hydration and Detox Facial Scrub on wet hands, apply to the face, also wet, making gentle circular movements.

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