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Vitamin C, or Ascorbic Acid, is a potent and very popular antioxidant that provides many skin benefits when used regularly. Because it is a vitamin that we do not naturally produce in our body, in order to enjoy all its advantages, we need to ingest it through food, or use it topically, through cosmetics. Made with stabilized vitamin C, Bio C is a treatment fluid with high antioxidant capacity that provides all the benefits of vitamin C for the skin. Its continuous use makes the skin firm, resistant and healthy.


It works by inhibiting the cascade of free radicals in the skin; Promotes whitening and illuminating action;

Evens out the skin tone;

It has potential in stimulating collagen synthesis;


SKU: P0008
  • The Bio C Professional fluid must be used optionally with the help of electrotherapy or before masks in general, especially the occlusion and revitalization ones.

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