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100% natural clay, extracted by mining with depth probes. It is rich in the mineral silicon and therefore its color is white. It has no chemical coloring. Silicon is one of the most compatible minerals for the human body. The micronization of this material and its transformation into a powder with a minimum granulometry of 5 µm (1 millimeter divided by 1,000 x 5 = 5 µm) constitutes a product of extreme delicacy and softness, ideal for use on sensitive, irritated and inflamed skin. WNF White Clay acts deeply, treating differences in skin tone, wrinkles and sagging. It is the most delicate clay for applications between intense treatments with potential for irritation. It relieves pain and excess skin manipulation, by chemical or physical treatments.

Argila Branca Natural WNF - 150g

  • Mix one tablespoon of WNF Clay Powder (10 grams) with WNF Thermal Water in sufficient quantity to create a paste (honey-like consistency). Apply to face with gauze and let it act for 10 minutes. Remove the clay with a sponge dampened in warm water. It is recommended to use clay mask once a week.

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