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Assists in the control of symptoms in menopause and PMS, has an important effect for the restoration of sexual libido. It presents a relaxing and comforting olfactory action. Gives shine, velvety softness and hydration to the skin and hair.

Óleo Essencial Ylang-Ylang WNF - 5ml

SKU: PWOE00097
  • Use on the body: can be applied in massages and baths. on the body, we suggest diluting it in WNF Wheat Germ Vegetable Oil. on hair, dilute in Avocado or Jojoba WNF Vegetable Oils.

    Use in the environment: in diffusers, it creates an atmosphere of romanticism and seduction. It can be combined with Sweet Orange and Grapefruit essential oils to make the aroma even more appealing.

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