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Ready-to-use oil with 3% Copaiba Resin Essential Oil WNF diluted in Avocado Vegetable Oil WNF. The ready-to-use oil is a great skin protector, presenting regenerative action; anti-aging; anti-acne; emollient. It promotes hydration and oil control and reduces the appearance of dark spots, scars, cellulite and stretch marks. In capillary use, it helps in the balance of oiliness and relief of psoriasis symptoms, providing more strength and health to the scalp and wires. Originating from the Brazilian Amazon, the Copaíba WNF Resin Essential Oil is rich in beta-caryophyllene (35 to 50%), alpha-humulene and alpha-copaene, being composed of 97.4% of sesquiterpenes, with the presence of copalic acid in the gas chromatography . Copaiba resin has been traditionally used medicinally by indigenous peoples for centuries. The indigenous people discovered the power of Copaíba by observing the behavior of injured animals that rubbed against the tree trunks. Avocado Vegetable Oil is used as a vehicle in various aesthetic procedures. Rich in vitamin A, B1, B2 and C and oleic acid. It presents good compatibility with the skin, providing important components that hydrate and recover the hydrolipidic mantle. Gives shine to the hair and recovers the hair cuticles.

Óleo de Copaíba pronto para pele e cabelo – 30ml

  • **Facial and body use: Apply a small portion to the hands and spread over the skin in the desired area and massage until completely absorbed. Ideal for skin conditions; muscle, joint and rheumatic pain; blows; acne; bites and small cuts.

    **Capillary use: With clean and dry hair, apply to the scalp and/or hair, in sufficient quantity to apply throughout the area, massaging gently. Let it act for 15 minutes and wash normally as usual. Ideal for providing more strength, for oil balance and psoriasis relief. Attention: for washing we recommend the Vegana or Ethereal Plasma line of shampoos and conditioners.

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