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Wintergreen's major compound, methyl salicylate, is the same one used in the cosmetics industry for products that ease muscle pain and bruises. Its name, Wintergreen, is due to the green color of its foliage, which remains even during winter. It is the essential oil of sportsmen, very popular in the form of creams and gels. Its aroma is herbal, sweet, refreshing and minty, relieves body aches and promotes greater disposition. PROPERTIES Due to its high content of methyl salicylate (Ester), it acts on muscle pain, blows, dislocations, cramps and joint pain. In massages, the most common use of Wintergreen Essential Oil is in synergy with vegetable oils, gels and neutral creams, for application in the area of ​​pain. Mixed with mint helps with headaches.

Óleo de Wintergreen pronto para pele – 30ml

  • Apply the skin-ready Wintergeen oil to the desired location, and massage gently. Ideal for muscle and joint pain, blows, strains, arthritis, cramps and bruises.

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